The Brode Group is a specialist financial modeling services company with a twenty-year track record of successfully delivering integrated solutions to entrepreneurs, C-level executives, management consultants, and investments bankers worldwide.

As part of our solutions, we evaluate, develop, and explain complex financial models used to drive business strategies and support transactions involving capital formation, private equity funding, growth financing, and mergers & acquisitions amongst others. Our specialization lies in large scale infrastructure projects.

Since 1990, we have structured over $11 billion in private equity funding for both large companies and new ventures, successfully delivering the strategic deal architecture that has turned solid business ideas into financial reality. We have done work for companies like AirTouch, Pacific Bell, Chevron, Shell, Mobil, Asia Online, Exclusive Resorts, Open Range Communications, Vodafone, and many others.


The Brode Group has extensive contacts with complementary service providers, including:

Zebulon Solutions is an old-fashioned company providing modern productization solutions, turning R&D projects into manufacturing ready products. Productization services include product design, technical analysis, industrialization, program management, and fractional executives.

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