Why Us

Anyone can do financials. The Brode Group takes things to the next level, making sure our clients get the right numbers so they can successfully get the right funding.

In any modern business venture, there are simply too many moving parts on the financial side for any one human to keep track without using sophisticated modeling techniques. Failure to rigorously apply these techniques will result in giving up too much equity by accepting too much funding.

The Brode Group constructs solid financial support for deals. We make it clear how you prove your case. In so doing, we improve your case. Everything we build is structurally sound and logical, thus adding value to everything you do going forward. In our philosophy, everything that affects cash is covered in the strategic advice we give and the business models we construct. Anything that doesn’t affect cash, doesn’t matter.

Business Case: Equity Financing

In our experience, company founders typically think they need 20% more in funding than actually needed. Entrepreneurs who put together numbers that do nothing more than support their preconceived ideas will pay a price in lost equity. If we take that 20% in unneeded funds and figure that, on average, company founders give up 30% of their company in a funding round, that means that they’re giving up 5% of their company for no reason whatsoever.

And that’s just one company doing one round of venture funding. With the total annual private equity funding in the United States running at upwards of $50 billion, one can safely argue that there have been $5 Billion dollars unnecessarily invested, that — if it exits at 2x multiple — equates to $10 billion needlessly transferred every year from founders to venture capitalists.

What makes us different

  • Impeccable references and word-of-mouth
  • Clear and quantifiable results in every client engagement.
  • Ability to communciate in every level within the organization.
  • Unique combination of decades of management consulting experience, deep corporate finance expertise & world-class Excel modeling skills.

What’s Next?

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