Exclusive Resorts

Company Background

Exclusive Resorts is a Denver-based club committed to providing its members with rich and rewarding vacations shared with family and friends. With a real estate portfolio valued at more than $1 billion and over 3,000 members, Exclusive Resorts offers its members hundreds of homes in dozens of the most sought-after vacation destinations. Members also have access to a variety of private, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that take them to destinations in over 25 countries. The company was founded in 2002 and began operations in 2003.

The Challenge

The Brode Group was called in to assist with second stage capitalization.

The immediate task was to prove sustainability, which had thus far been uncertain. Once achieved, the mission was to plan the speed and manner in which the company would acquire the extensive real estate holdings necessary for a successful, world-class luxury vacation club.

The Solution

Extensive information-gathering and consultation with the executive team resulted in the Brode Group building a software program that generated analytics:

  • for all significant operational decisions;
  • to support decisions to commit to large property purchases;
  • to get new debt financing for the company.

The model could be used for interpretive purposes, adding value to early-stage decisions as well as being useful at the negotiating table.

The Execution

After extensive consultations with the executive team, the Brode Group worked with the President to re-invent Exclusive Resorts’ business model to attract new customer segments and continue the company‚Äôs growth. The company’s sustainability was rapidly demonstrated through the use of advanced modeling techniques.

Three short weeks after commencing work, the Brode Group was already presenting financial solutions at the company board meeting, putting a live model onscreen and running scenarios for the Board. As the plan was further refined, the Brode Group continued to add information, while being fully involved in the CEO’s organizational efforts to provide strategic direction to the board.

The Brode Group also helped structure new products that allowed growth to continue while funding expansion.

The Outcome

After successfully closing on $310 million in debt, Exclusive Resorts acquired a series of properties now valued in excess of $1.2 billion. Exclusive Resorts remains healthy and is running successfully to this day using the financial modeling created by the Brode Group.

What’s Next

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