What We Do

The Brode Group is a specialist financial modeling services company with a twenty-year track record of successfully delivering integrated solutions to entrepreneurs, C-level executives, management consultants, and investments bankers worldwide.

We construct and execute innovative, customized financial modeling solutions for our clients:




CEOS & CFOs Domestic and international transactions, operational financial reporting, acquisitions, joint venture formation, strategic transformation, asset divestiture, spectrum license tenders. Expertise, professionalism, ability to communicate at every level within the organization, know-how to translate operational behaviors into solid financial models, creativity, skills to create modeling solutions superior to internal ones, very fast turnaround.
Entrepreneurs Business plan validation, financial projections, all stages financing architecture, VC funding due diligence. Business-focused, very quick turnaround, understanding of how the funding process works, experience to consult throughout due diligence, solutions-oriented approach to make sure you’re not giving up any more equity than necessary.
Management consultants Financial statements review, business plan evaluation, company strategy analysis. Over 20 years experience in business consulting, quick understanding of industry drivers, exemplary analytics skills, specialized industry knowledge, library of data analysis models for businesses.
Investment bankers Mergers & acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, capital formation, recapitalization, corporate restructuring. Deep corporate finance expertise, independent advice, thoroughness, accuracy, strong ability to diagnose existing systems, capacity to take in a lot of info and turn it into something real, mastery of understanding what the market is looking for and communicating it.

Our Services

The Brode Group has proven experience rapidly developing custom financial modeling applications that pass investor and regulatory due diligence time and time again. As longtime consultants, we can quickly uncover the economic drivers of your business so you can fine-tune it & explain it to others. Our proprietary tools let you tackle the complexities and time constraints associated with financial modeling that is the root cause of most errors.

We provide a well-defined and focused set of financial modeling and consulting services:

  • Financial models for corporate strategy – Align management, board, partners, and investors behind your business goals.
  • Financial models for transaction support – Achieve equity and debt capitalization for growth or M&A at the best possible terms.
  • Financial models for startup capitalization – Raise VC/PE funding without giving up unnecessary equity.

What’s Next?

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