Startup Capitalization


Entrepreneurs, early stage ventures, pre-Series A / pre-Series B.


  • How to raise VC funding at the right valuation and without giving up more equity that absolutely necessary.
  • How to develop and communicate a coherent financial strategy for your business plan that accurately reflects all the economic dynamics of the new venture in its specific markets.


You’ll get everything you need to explain the fundamental economics of your business to investors.  Our job is to boil your ideas down and present them in a way so that other people can “get it.”  As required, this includes:

  • Complete financial model package to support business plan.
  • Excel software model and license to it for internal use and distribution to investors.
  • All pro-forma statements and capitalization tables.
  • Very flexible what-if scenario analysis.
  • Consulting support to explain the model and present it to investors.
  • Formats for the key documents you’ll need to approach investors: an Executive Summary and a PowerPoint Pitch Deck.
  • An online video that explains your financial model to investors.


We manage projects according to a time-tested methodology. Depending on your situation, different steps may take more or less time, but this is a typical path.

  • Kick-off meeting or conf call.
  • Create conceptual model [1-2 weeks].
  • Develop draft Excel model [1-2 weeks].
  • Model review meeting [1 week].
  • Create presentation outputs [1 week].
  • Financial coaching [ongoing].


  • Proven process for creating a startup financial forecast.
  • Technology specialization.
  • Access to library of proven, battle-tested models.
  • Experience in due diligence with VC investors.
  • Extremely fast turnaround.
  • End-to-end business approach with:
    • spreadsheet version control
    • database integrations
    • collaboration wiki
    • enhancement tracking system.



Depending on complexity, packages cost between $5,000-10,000.

Additional Resources

  • For many clients we go on to present the financial model to investors.
  • Access to deal attorneys well-versed in startup issues.
  • Access to registered broker-dealers who can, for a fee, raise funds for your company.

What’s Next?

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