Transaction Support


Investments bankers, turnaround CEOs, buy-side/sell-side M&A principals.


How to close equity and debt capitalization for M&A transactions achieving the best possible terms.


  • Complete financial model package with custom set of inputs & calculations.
  • Excel software model and license to it for internal use and distribution to deal parties.
  • Pro-forma statements with forecasts to five years with quarterly detail.
  • Powerpoint & Word output of the deal financials for the executive summary.
  • Library of charts & applicable reports e.g. potential returns for cash on cash multiple and IRR.
  • Consulting support to explain the model and support it throughout due diligence.


  • Methodology for understanding the economic dynamics of the business.
  • Expertise & know-how to focus on critical drivers and avoid unnecessary detail.
  • Access to library of proven, battle-tested models.
  • Experience in due diligence with investments bankers again and again.
  • Extremely fast turnaround.
  • Systematic business approach with:
    • spreadsheet version control;
    • database integrations;
    • collaboration wiki;
    • enhancement tracking system.


  • Over $700mn in deals closed.
  • Select clients: The Yale Group, Renizon Capital Partners, Island Holdings.

What’s Next?

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